Do You Make a Great First Impression?

Central Comm virtual receptionis lets' you get out of the office, Los Angeles

Central Comm virtual receptionist lets’ you get out of the office, Los Angeles


Ten years ago, companies were bigger, they had more employees.  They employed receptionists, secretaries, and admin assistants help field the phone calls.

Nowadays it’s just as likely that phone calls will go directly to you. If you are in the middle of a mind bending project, the way you answer the phone will be at best in a very distracted manner. At worst you may be abrupt or impatient.   At certain times, with all the work you have, you are NOT always the best person to handle the call.

Much as we, an answering service, advocate for live person answering the phones, there could be times when it is better to let the call go to voice mail. If  the caller leaves a message, listen to it before you call back so that your caller will not have to repeat their question. Compose yourself, do any research necessary to have the information at your finger tips, then call them back within one hour.

They say you only have ONE CHANCE at a good first impression. So, if you don’t have us answering phones for you, take a breath, put a smile on your face, and only answer the phone once you have all the other distractions out of the way. If you are too busy for a long conversation, let the caller know that you are in the midst of something, but you wanted to touch base, and find out when would be a good time to call back.

If you are a small business with click to call function on your website, then it could be vital to have someone professional available to answer the phone when it rings. Someone calling from the visit to your website is in the mood to buy, if they can’t get a hold of you, they may just scroll on down to the next site that offers your same type of service.

Give us a call here at Central Comm, we can help to make certain your callers always have a great first impression. WE can also handle your Dispatch needs, your seminar reservations, and your website orders!

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