Do You Have Back Up In Place For Your Staff?

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Family Holiday Time is Special


It’s that most wonderful time of the year. Once again. How did the Holidays come ’round again so soon? It baffles the mind. No matter whether it has come too quickly or not, it’s here and we have to do our best to get through the Holidays with as little stress as possible. 

This is a time of year when some of your staff is going to need a little time off. If year-end isn’t your busy time, then you may be able to cover with your current staff. However, if this is a busy time of year for you, you may want to give us a call.

If there is no one answering those phone calls, your customers, who quite possibly are also overworked at year’s end, are going to be upset. After a great year, this is not the time to lose a great customer or a potential customer. That won’t end your best year yet on a high note. And as we have said before, today you may not only lose a customer, it’s a good chance they will post about the lack of customer service on sites like Yelp.

It’s important to help people find you, it’s important to answer their calls in a way which makes them want to work with you, and it’s important to follow up on that initial phone call.

On the other hand, if someone does answer and they are not friendly, helpful or don’t know how to connect your customer with the person you need them to speak to, it’s almost better that no one answer.

When Central Comm answers those phone calls for you, your customers will be greeted in a professional, friendly manner. Our operators will do their very best to see that general questions are answered according to the facts you have given us. Our operators will them follow your instructions as to whom the calls should be directed to.



Central Comm

Happy Holidays

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