Dispatch Services For Your Business


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Years ago we began receiving requests from HVAC, General Contractors, Plumbing and Electrical companies for something more than simply answering their phones. They needed a company to answer their phones and to also schedule appointments and dispatch service calls to their contractors.

At Central Comm, we hire and train operators, some of whom are bilingual, who are ready and able to take calls from your customers and dispatch your people. When we handle your dispatch services, your customers don’t have to go through a series of automated message and leave a voice mail. In an urgent situation, what will they do? They will call the next company they find on line.

Think about this as well. As your customer base grows, if you have inhouse dispatchers, then you are going to need to take time out of an all ready very busy day to recruit, hire and train more dispatchers.

Phone calls which go unanswered is business lost. It also will cause poor reviews about your customer service.

On the other side of the coin, we get that as contractors, it can be frustrating to be in the middle of an installation and hearing your phone ringing in your pocket. For construction business owners, this irritation can be a daily reality. It’s your business, and you want each client to have that personal touch, that’s why you do your best to handle calls personally while also being available on-site. Yet, attempting to have an intelligent phone call, schedule appointments, and performing the tasks you were hired to complete is going to mean something falls through the cracks.

Let Central Comm take over the phone calls, dispatch and scheduling and you do what you do best, which is install, repair and build.


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