Computer Prices Headed for a Big Jump?

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Computer Prices on the Rise?

Anyone hoping to get their child a computer for Christmas this year, I suggest you get it fast. And if you were waiting for after Christmas Sales, well that might not be such a good idea. If your business is running on older computers, think hard about replacing them soon. Costs are going to go up.  An Intel factory in Thailand was hit by massive floods causing a shortage of hard drives. Intel is still predicting their sales will be considerably high despite the shortage:

“The world’s largest microchip maker said it continues to forecast that personal computer sales will grow this quarter. But PC makers are reducing their inventories of desktops and laptops, because they’re having a difficult time finding hard drives to put in their computers. As the manufacturers reduce their PC stockpiles, they’re scaling back their semiconductor purchases from Intel.”

Although they are claiming that they expect to bring in 13 to 14 billion this year, their stocks have already dropped 4%. Central Communications uses computers every day as an integral part of our operation. We are prepared with the latest in technology to make certain that our customers always have award winning service. We are not certain how, if at all, this will affect us personally, but it could be a concern for some of our customers. It may be time to stock up on a few computers, and not wait for those famous after Christmas Sales, or President’s Day special deals…

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