Changes for the New Year!!

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We have written about steps you can take at the end of the year to prepare for the New Year. Now the New Year is here and did you do any of those things we recommended? No? A few? Okay, well let’s not look back, there is nothing we can do about that now. How about we look ahead.

This year what about focusing more on profitability and less on growth. If you are like some of the other businesses we work with, there has been plenty of growth happening over the past couple of years. But with rapid growth there often comes the pitfalls of inefficiency. Perhaps you have simply limped along without a bookkeeper, and without a good software package for tracking leads and closing new customers. Maybe you could use some help with those busy phone lines?

Maybe your HR manual is out of date, and your computer systems? Is it time to perhaps invest in your business in order to streamline processes and become more efficient? Do your sales people find it easy to enter orders? Do your back-office personnel have to use different software to track things? Is there one software package that could integrate both, while also being end user friendly?

Sometimes when a company has grown too fast, old procedures are patched up enough to keep things going, but they really aren’t appropriate for a larger company. It could be time to take a moment to look at those things. Talk to your people, if they have come to you from another company, that company may have had some tools which your company could now use. {erhaps some of your long time employees have suggestions for streamlining things.  Make certain you get suggestions from the people who will be using the new tools, or you might get push back, which could make any changes less effective.

There will always be people who don’t want to change anything, ever. Here’s hoping that you, as the head of your growing company, are not one of them. Here at Central Comm we are always striving to stay fresh and current, as painful as that can sometimes be. For many folks, even systems that no longer work properly can be more comfortable than learning a whole new way of doing things. But most of the time, once you get past the learning curve, you can find that a different way of doing things which takes advantage of new software or hardware, may make your work life easier.

Central Comm at your service!

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