Central Communications Wins the Award of Excellence

Update:  Central Communications is proud to announce that we have been awarded the ATSI Award for Excellence once again for the seventh straight year!!


Every Industry has standards of excellence that it strives to attain.

For our industry it is the ATSI Award for Excellence. We recently attended the Association of Tele-messaging Services International Convention where we were awarded for the third consecutive year, the prestigious ATSI Award for excellence.

To quote from the ATSI website

“To receive this award a company must  be successful in achieving an 80% overall average score. How the operator handles every call from beginning to end determines the success of your client relationship and the level of repeat business.”

At Central Communications Answering Service, we instill in  our agents the importance of making every customer feel as though we are here to address their needs and they are our highest priority. No matter how busy we get at our call center, the customer at the other end of the line will never know it. We believe the level of service we consistently provide is why we won the award.

The ATSI organization exists to help support our industry, set standards for levels of service, and when it acknowledges one if it’s members with this award, this lets our customers feel confident when making the decision to chose a call center or answering service  To quote from our newsletter, John Yocca states “My staff worked very hard to win this award and I am quite proud they were able to do this for three consecutive years. This is a rare accomplishment. Every single person in the company in the company is committed to earning this accolade  and in the end it is really our customers who are the winners !!”

Congratulations to everyone at Central Communications for a job well done. And to our fellow nominees!

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