Central Communications, Number One Answering Service!!

At least that is what our customers think. Every so often we get Thank You’s from our clients. Most of the time they just take our great service for granted, but every once in a while a problem client of theirs gets the best possible treatment from us, and they remember how good we are.

So what is it about our Answering, Call Center, Virtual Receptionist company that is so special?

The Secret to Your Security & Our Success:
  • 50 Years of Experience
  • Award Winning, Motivated Staff
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • State of the Art Technology
  • System Hardware Redundancy
  • Emergency Power Backup
With this extensive background in Live Answering and Call Center Services, we’re familiar with every nuance of the call center industry. What makes us the best? Our award winning staff. Each member of our team is a skilled, highly motivated individual whose goal is the success of your business. The reduced costs and reduced call-management responsibilities will give your company the additional resources to focus on the core functions of the business.
Central Communications is a nationwide provider of call center services. We’ve been supporting our customers and their businesses across the United States for over 50 years from our home office in Riverside, California. That’s what we mean when we say, “When Business Calls… Experience Answers”. All kinds of business–the best kind of experience.

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