Central Communications Award Winning Service

We continue to win awards for our service year after year. What do we do to keep that momentum?

Five things that Central Comm. does to keep us winning awards year after year:

  1. We hire the best and we  train our operators. We get good information from our clients that let us serve their customers like they would.
  2. We answer the phone with a smile in our voice. Believe it or not, when you smile your voice sounds different on the line. At Central Comm. we encourage our operators to take a breath and put a smile on their lips before they connect to an incoming call.
  3. Central Comm. keeps in touch with you so we know what to tell your customers. If a customer calls and needs to get in touch with you, we can help them to do that, without them being any the wiser. We can email you, text you or call you. You need never have an upset customer.
  4. I can take your order!! That 800 number on your ecommerce site is going to get pretty busy during the holidays. Before that happens, spend time with us; go through your ordering process, your product line, and the parameters for shipping product. When do you charge for shipping, when is it free? The more we know, the better we take care of your customers
  5. Our operators always try their best to be professional, and yet they are also warm and friendly. As you can imagine, Mondays are always hectic at Central Comm. Phones are ringing and we are answering as fast as we can. Our customers, who are YOUR customers, don’t need to hear that in our voices, each customer who calls needs to feel like he or she has the full focus of our attention. Sometimes we do need to place a caller on hold, but we have goals standards for how quickly we get back to that caller.

Every day is a new beginning, every phone call is a new beginning, whether it is a caller who is thinking about doing business with you, or someone who has trusted you for a long time, it only takes one bad phone call to sour a good relationship. At Central Communications we know that, and we try to make certain that to do our best every time a call comes in.

Have a great week!!

Pearl answers

Award Winning service at Central Comm