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Our website has pretty comprehensive information about our hiring and training practices here at Central Communications. Still, people call with questions from time to time, and we love questions. It means that the people who call us to inquire about our services are doing their due diligence. They are paying attention to the details, and we like that.

The more we know about your company, the more you know about our company and how we operate, the better the chances of your business and our business building a strong, healthy relationship. A potential customer called this week and challenged us buy saying “you say that your service is award winning. What do you do to make certain that your service is still Award Winning?”

Central Communications has a large pool of qualified applicants from which to choose. We offer competitive wages and benefits in a friendly work environment. Applicants are typically college educated and always thoroughly screened. We look for candidates who have excellent verbal, computer, and writing skills. Less than 2% of all applicants ever become Central Communication Call Center Agents. AT Central Comm, our Agents  must complete a rigorous 4-week training course involving call simulations, recorded call assessment and detailed supervisor evaluations.

We record all calls and perform monthly evaluations on all Agents to ensure a high level of quality. We refer to this as our ‘Award of Excellence’ and Agents who achieve high scores receive a pay bonus. Additionally, we have frequent staff meetings to review new client accounts and to address special needs of existing clients. We have found the key to maintaining high quality is two-way communication with the staff as well as continuity training.

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