Central Comm’s IPhone App

Answering Service USAIPhone, the most popular communication device around today. They call it a phone, but those of us who own one know that it’s so much more. And with all the new apps being developed, it grows in usefulness every day. A couple of years ago, Central Communications jumped on the bandwagon, and we can proudly say “We have an app for that!”

CentralComm’s WYWO (While You Were Out) service gives you a personal assistant in your pocket. Your Live Assistant will answer your private line, take a message and deliver it to your iPhone, Smart Phone, Alpha Numeric Pager, or Email address. The pricing for Centralcomm’s WYWO service includes a private phone number. Toll free numbers (US Only) are typically provided unless we have a local phone number available. You may give this number to your clients, business associates, friends and family or forward an existing phone number to the number we provide.

That means what to you? Well, you don’t have to worry about being interrupted when you are in an important meeting, for one. You will always know that a living, breathing person has personally answered YOUR private line, with the utmost care. And the App sits right up there, on the front of your phone, just ready and waiting for you. At your service 24/7.

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