Central Comm Provides It’s Customers With Award Winning Service

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I previously posted, and boasted, about Central Comm. being presented with the exclusive ATSI 2016 Award of Excellence for the 8th consecutive year ! 

Why is this such a big deal? Well, for one, anyone can say,” we have great service”‘, but how do they prove it?  We had a potential customer say to us “Everyone says they have the best service. How do I know that Central Comm. really is one of the best?”

One of the ways I know how to back my words up is to show her that consistently, year after year, we win awards for our outstanding service. We have great customer retention as well. If you are already a customer of ours, and you keep our service, you do so because we do a great job. When people ask me that question on how I know personally if we are doing a great job, we can point to the large number of customers who have been with us for years. We can also tell them about the referrals we receive to other companies from our existing customers.

But other than that, “a great job” is difficult to objectively quantify. Here at Central Comm. in Riverside, as well as at our offices in Henderson NV, we take pride in our people, in the work we do, and how good we feel about the work we do. For some potential customers

We belong to an organization called ATSI. It stands for Association of Teleservices International, Inc. Each year” Independent judges are contracted by ATSI to evaluate message services over a six month period. The criteria for scoring include: the caller experience, courtesy, response time, accuracy and overall service to their clients.” When we say we have great service, it’s not just us bragging, we can prove that an outside company, with judges we have never even met, rated us and awarded Central Comm. their award for Excellence!

I hope this makes people feel comfortable with the quality of service that Central Comm. offers.

Central Comm. Staff

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