Central Comm. One Of The Best Answering Services

Virtual receptionist, call center, answering service, order taking

Central Comm has been doing this business  for a while, so when a prospective customer asks why they should use us, or any answering service, we have some good answers ready for them.

An answering service can help your business in so many ways.  It can allow you and your employees to have time to focus on other things. We can filter calls for you, direct them to the right party and we even take orders for our customers.  Having an answering service is essential if you are out in the field dealing with customers and clients. You don’t want to be interrupted when you are with your customers, yet it is most important that people calling can get through to a live person.

I know that when I call a business and am routed through an automated system, I often give up!  When we started at Central Comm our service was mainly used for after hours calls. But these days an answering services can be used whenever it works for you and your business.  It is all up to you.  You can choose to have calls redirected during the day  if lines are busy or have the lunch hour or specific company meeting times covered.  This way your calls are always answered by an operator and you don’t lose out with prospective new customers. We can forward information on to you via text or email so you know right away if you need to call someone. We can cover all of your present clients needs.

We also have 24 hour service and backup generators, so if power to your business is lost or an emergency occurs, there will always be someone who can  answer your business calls no matter what!   And, with specific information from you, an answering service can answer questions or take orders.  Whatever you want can be conveyed to your chosen service and both you and your clients benefit from it.

Like any other industry, there are new services coming on the market, and we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest advances in both hardware and software. If you aren’t sure whether a Virtual Receptionist, Call Center or Answering Service is right for your business, just take a moment and talk with someone at Central Communications and find out how they can help you and your business!

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