Central Comm is Always Looking for Great Operators

heroimageCentral Comm is hiring. As the economy continues to recover and new companies pop up, while the older ones are adding staff, so do we.

Central Comm is a  growing 24/7 Call Center. We take your calls, we can act as your Receptionist, as your dispatch centers , just head over to the services section of our website to see the complete list. At Central Comm we are currently servicing over 1000 clients and answer for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, medical practices, legal firms, municipalities and many others. We have a professional, dynamic, fun and friendly work environment; with managers that truly care.

How does it work? It’s pretty straight forward. After some pretty intense training, you will be assigned a core list of clients.  When answering a call for a client, you are their receptionist or telephone agent for that call. Your role changes with each incoming call. For example, you may answer a call for a law firm and you are their receptionist. The next call you answer may be for a physician and you are that doctor’s after-hour exchange. The different companies we answer for gives you variety in your day! Around here the days, or nights usually go by pretty fast, and we never hear our operators complain of boredom!

We encourage an atmosphere of professional development and we “promote from within” for all job openings in our management office. All existing managers started as call center agents, our entry level position. This translates to a management team that understands the job, has excelled at the job, and has a lot to offer all staff members.

Now if all of this sounds just a little too intense, we want you to know that Central Comm is a great place to work. We aren’t afraid to have some fun, just not while we are taking care of our clients and their clients.

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Riverside Location

If you are interested in applying for a position with us, just head on over to https://centralcomm.com/answering-service-jobs/ and fill out the application!



Central Communications is an Equal Opportunity employer.