Central Comm Goes the Extra Mile

Good businesses foster respect, kindness, and go the “extra mile.” As an answering service, we not only take care of our customers, but our customers’ customers. Our corporate culture is one of service and going that “extra mile” for you.  Not only do we do our utmost and win awards for achieving customer satisfaction, we pass that level of customer satisfaction down to our customers’ customers. It is part of our mission.

When calls come in for our physicians, it is imperative that the folks calling in feel like we are taking steps to connect them with their doctors. The same goes for our attorney clients. Clients who are calling after normal business hours are usually calling because they have immediate needs–they are not generally calling to schedule appointments. These calls must be handled with extra care and delivered in the timeliest manner possible.Answering Service USA

Moreover, the companies we manage reservations and dispatch services for receive so much more than just message taking: we have the ability to answer basic qualifying questions, and schedule appointments. The same goes for our personal trainers and seminar scheduling. Central Communications has sophisticated software in place which allows us to provide your customers with a seamless experience. We are constantly learning about the latest and greatest innovations. That’s how we provide you and your customers with the best service possible!