Central Comm Answers the Calls

answering service, virtual receptionist, call dispatcher, order taking, seminar reservations

Central Comm has been answering phones for companies small and large for well over 30 years now. But just because we have been in business for a while, that doesn’t mean we haven’t kept up with the latest advances in technology and software.

Central Comm can handle your telephone calls. We can deliver messages to you via text, email, our compliant app, and even to your fax machine, you tell us how, we get the message to you.

Our current customers include various companies in the Medical fields, Physicians, Attorneys, other legal services, Real Estate Brokerages, Property Managers, Service Companies and on line order fulfillment for virtually any types of products from gift baskets to coffins.

Our operators are well trained, and they answer calls in a ¬†cheerful manner, while still delivering the perfect mix of friendliness, charm and professionalism when answering your phone. When we are your Virtual Receptionist, no one need ever know that we aren’t at a desk in your front lobby!

If you are a growing startup, you need us to be your frontline, the friendly and competent voice your customers hear when they call your number. Not voicemail, not you, hurried, trying to juggle several tasks, but on of our people.


Nationwide Answering Service