Central Comm Answers Phones for Service Companies

I was at a networking meeting this week and I got a couple of questions that I would like to talk about today.

The first one was asked in the most incredulous way. The lady looked me in the eye and said “Companies still use answering services?”  I almost laughed, but I composed myself and said, “Yes, they certainly do. In fact more companies than ever are using our services.” Then she asked, in the same forthright manner, “Really? What kind of companies use answering services? Do you just take messages for Lawyers and Doctors after hours?”  I don’t guess she has been reading our blog.


answering phones nationwdeI explained to her that all types of companies and municipalities use our services. Not simply for after hours, but even as their Receptionist. She wanted to know how we handle that.


I explained to her there are small to medium sized companies who don’t have a need for a full time receptionist, and beyond that, they want to make certain that whomever answers their phones does so in a professional and competent manner.  That is why they hire us as their Receptionist. More and more companies are doing it these days.

We also serve as the Dispatcher for companies like:

  1. Plumbers,
  2. HVAC, and Heating Repair
  3. Electricians,
  4. Service Companies,
  5. Restoration Companies,
  6. Roofing Companies,
  7. Elevator Companies
  8. Internet based E-Commerce Sites

These are just some of the types of companies we currently serve as either a Call Center, Virtual Receptionist or Answering Service for. If the type of  company you own is not on this list, not to worry, we will be glad to take the time to chat about what we can offer your company.