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Actually, at Cental Comm we answer phones for businesses located all over the country, but we started in California. Overflow calls, night call service, taking reservations  is where it all began. Central Communications fills various types of roles as we answer business calls for customers. At times we function as their receptionist, other times we answer phones simply as overflow during busy peak hours. In still other accounts we work as their dispatch service. As your business grows it becomes increasingly difficult to funnel all the calls to one cell line.

We are constantly evolving and changing to keep up with our customers’ needs. When customers sign up for our services, we supply them with an 800 number which can be used for business calls. Most of the time people appreciate having the convenience of a dedicated phone number for their business, but some of the startups are reluctant to use anything other than their personal cell phone for their business. At Central Comm, we think that might be a mistake, and let’s talk about why we think that.

When we assign that 800 number to your business, no call ever has to go to voice mail, unless you request that it do so. If the number is busy it will roll over to the next line and an operator will answer the call. As your business grows, there’s no need to make a number change, you simply keep using the 800 number we have provided you with.

Once a call is taken by Central Comm, we can then follow your protocol for what will happen next. Should you want certain calls to be forwarded to cell phones, or have the person be notified by text message or email, that will be your choice.

Still not certain that an 800 number is for you and your business? Here is an excerpt from a post on Grasshopper.com:

“…With a toll free number, you can improve your customer service and satisfaction simply by being available to take their call.  A toll free number makes it easier for your customers to reach you and get their questions answered. They’ll be able to call you any day, at any time and it won’t cost them a thing. The easier you make it for your customers to reach you, the more likely they are to remain a customer.

  1. Easy to remember

Another benefit of having a toll free number for your business is that it’s much easier to remember than any other number, especially if it’s a vanity number.  It’s a lot easier for people to remember 1-800-Flowers than it is to remember 1-800-356-9377. People are more likely to call you, it can generate more sales and it can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

  1. Credibility

Toll free numbers aren’t just for big corporations; they are great for companies of all sizes, especially those just starting a business. Having a toll free number gives your business credibility and enhances your company’s image.  You could be working out of your basement and no one would know.

  1. Portability

With a toll free number, location doesn’t matter.  Relocating your business? Your customers won’t even know! You can still be reached by your toll free number regardless of where you are located, simply by forwarding your calls to your cell phone or any other phone for that matter! Did you also know that once you purchase a toll free number it’s yours? Even if you change providers, you can take your number with you.

  1. Marketing Tool

We’ve already talked about using a vanity number (also great for marketing purposes) but did you know toll free phone numbers can help you better track your marketing efforts?

Think about it. You have a website, a print ad or maybe even a billboard in Times Square. When someone picks up the phone and calls you, how do you know where they came from?

Toll free number allows you to create extensions, which can then be associated with a particular campaign. One number for print, one for the website, etc. Your toll free number can act as a marketing tool and as a result can increase your call volume, sales and ROI.”

Need some more information? Contact us at OUR 800 numbers:

Riverside: (800) 876-7707

Las Vegas/Henderson : (800) 758-4633

Orange County: (800) 597-6160

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