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henderson nevada, pet sitting answering service, answering service and virtual receptionist for professionals of all typesHave you had the need to bring one of your animals to the Vet lately? I have and here’s what I have found. At most vet’s offices you will almost always find an overworked receptionist trying hard to handle the waiting room, the phones, making pet tags, checking in patients and more. With all that going on, more often than not, they are  interrupted by the phones calls from pet owners asking for appointments, updates, and more.

Naturally this leads to frustration for employees, pet owners vying for attention and vendors who are trying to get their five minutes as well.. However, there is a solution to this issue. By hiring a virtual receptionist team, your veterinary office can instantly transform from a harried stressful environment, to one that is calm and running smoothly.  All this from simply having virtual receptionist take over the bulk of the phone responsibilities at your vet office by:

Handle all Appointment Calls
When somebody is just calling to set an appointment, your virtual receptionist can handle it. They can work within your computer system to collect the necessary information for both the animals coming in and their owners. They can even make sure the right services are selected for the appointment.

Peace and Quiet

Imagine just for a second how relaxing it would be for patients to call in for an appointment or update and not have to compete with a symphony of barking dogs and customer conversations.  The focus would be solely on them and their needs for a change.

Make Reminder Calls
We all live crazy busy lives and we forget about details if we aren’t reminded.  One of the best ways to eliminate no shows is with reminder phone calls. Your virtual receptionist can handle these calls for you and make sure they are made at the appropriate time.

Extend your Phone Hours.

With a virtual receptionist service, you can extend phone hours and provide additional coverage for your business. And it’s so cost effective that if you booked just one new appointment during these extended phone hours it would cover the cost of your virtual receptionist for the week.

There are many benefits for a veterinary office when they hire a virtual receptionist service. Whether you want to give your employees more time to provide better service or you want to keep your overhead lower, a Central Comm  virtual receptionist service can help you achieve your goals.

Central Comm

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