Cars, Cars, and More Cars

As the Economy makes its steady climb back up to the top, so too has the new ATS, the newest addition luxury car by Cadillac. The ATS was designed for complete comfort, maneuverability and is putting the new BMW 3-series to shame.

Nationwide Live Answering Service and Call Center“U.S. automakers haven’t been this happy in years. They’re gaining market share, raking in profits, cranking up production and welcoming back consumers who are finally in the mood to spend. Even the unseasonably warm January weather has put Detroit in a good mood. What better way to kick off the annual North American International Auto Show?

More than 40 new cars and trucks will be unveiled during this week’s media preview, which begins today. For General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler Group, the challenge is to prove their recent comebacks are for real and not just a fluke resulting from an unfortunate string of setbacks for their Asian competitors.

GM got a head start on the week with Sunday night’s unveiling of the Cadillac ATS, a compact luxury sedan aimed directly at the BMW 3-series, Mercedes C-class and Audi A4. This is the heart of the luxury market, and the fastest-growing segment, but Cadillac has been missing out by not having a car in that size category.”

Central Communications Answering Service is thrilled to see Us auto industry reassert itself where it once was the dominant force.

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