Can A Virtual Receptionist Save Your Business Money?

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Can a virtual receptionist really save your company money? Most companies, when they contemplate adding a service like a virtual receptionist, often think of it as an extra cost. But, adding virtual reception services to your team can actually save you money, especially when compared with a full-time, in-house receptionist.

Studies show time and again that hiring an in-house receptionist to handle the bulk of incoming calls is not as simple or inexpensive as you might think. These employees will now become the first person a customer or potential customer encounters in your company. For a receptionist to truly be effective usually requires significant amounts of training.

For whoever is tasked with training your new receptionist, it will mean taking time away from their own work and costs a big chunk of cash— the average cost of training an employee is estimated to fall between $1200-$1800 for small businesses.

Hiring Central Comm allows you to forget about the time and money you would have spent on recruiting, interviewing, and hiring a new receptionist. Plus, we have the most up to date call tracking technology. We have sophisticated software and equipment which not only allows our company to handle your incoming calls, it also tracks messages as well as call volumes. We then share that information with you and your team. Great call centers invest in technology for you! They use their phone systems to handle your calls and let you use their online portal to manage your accounts, access messages, update on-call schedules, and more.

Virtual receptionists and Answering services are in place to make sure none of your callers are ever neglected. They can also schedule appointments, take orders, let people know their issues are being addressed, and collect caller information so you can follow up later. Lost sales leads are lost money. Answering services keep that from happening.

If you’re spending time hiring and training a receptionist, you aren’t working on your business. If you’re answering your own calls, you aren’t working on your business, and putting in place the strategies that will help you grow.

As a business owner or manager, your time is incredibly valuable. There are things only you can do for your company. Answering the phone isn’t one of them. Give us a call at Central Comm and we can get you started right away!

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