Busy General Contractors



For about 10 years, almost none of the major builders were building homes in any large numbers, and now there is a housing crunch. It will be made more critical when the millennials get closer to the age where they are ready to settle down and they want their own homes.

Because there is such a high demand for all types of housing, from single family homes, to condos, to apartments and even tiny houses, the General Contractors we know are very busy. They can’t hire workers fast enough to keep up with the demand. Remodel contractors are going through the same thing, as well as tile and electrical tradesmen and plumbers.

As if they don’t have enough to do, hiring good office help has also become an issue for many of those in the trades. What can they do? They can hire Central Comm as virtual receptionists and dispatchers, that’s what they can do.

Most potential clients calling in to the 800 number we set up for you will not know that the man or woman answering your phone is not sitting in a fancy office somewhere. They will know that a courteous, efficient person is taking your calls, answering basic questions, and ensuring you call them back. That’s all they know and frankly, most of them don’t care where the person is who is answering their call, just as long as they feel heard, and you call them back to follow up in a timely manner.

Give us a call, we will talk about what types of services you need, what your budget is and we can get this service started for you with your very own 800 number.


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