Before You Succeed You Must First Believe.

Central Comm advice for success, central comm virtual receptionist servicesBefore you can succeed you must first believe.

There is an old saying about life that says, I’ll believe it when I see it. In the success training community, the saying is the opposite, I’ll believe it then I’ll see it, meaning the results.

In modern culture there is scientific proof that visualization of our success most often leads to success. Mind you, one can’t just sit in a chair visualizing themselves as a champion athlete. It’ also takes plenty of physical hard work, training and dedication. But detailed imagery of an athlete’s routine can and does help them to succeed.

It’s not much different in our business lives. Each of us has goals we want to achieve, and insecurities that keep us from our goals. Self-doubt can sabotage a big project. Before that happens, it is a good idea to go through some positive imaging steps with your team, and on your own, to visualize a successful outcome.

Supporting employees’ efforts, getting them excited for a positive outcome and recognition all go a long way towards inspiring them to reach their goals. Some companies offer incentives to go along with support, and let’s face it, there aren’t many of us who wouldn’t like winning an award for our hard work?

From Entrepreneur magazine:

“A December 2014 study of 151 hospitals and 62 groups of full-time employees published in the Academy of Management Journal found imagery in corporate mission statements can help employees “see” the values of the company.

When creating a visual corporate mission statement, use descriptive words and imagery. For example, let’s say an organization wants to create satisfied customers. Write a mission statement that tells employees they work for a company that “cares about its smiling and happy customers.”

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  1. Create vision boards.

Encourage employees to create a vision board for their workspace. Whether it’s a bulletin board in their cubicle or a wall in the office, have employees create a vision board representing their dreams and goals for the organization.

Have employees include photos that represent their ideas of success and things that inspire them. They can also include empowering words and quotes. This vision board will serve as a daily reminder of what employees hope to accomplish each day.”

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