Are You Open For Business 24/7?

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Websites, Open 24/7


If you own a website and you offer products for sale on that website, then you are open for business 24/7. If you are a Mom and Pop shop, or if you are Chip Gaines, it doesn’t matter. When a customer needs your help or an order is not properly processed, they are going to want a response. We can take care of that for you.
I mention Chip Gaines because I love their program and what they are doing. Because of the success of their show, they began to sell more products form their Magnolia line, online. Chip relayed a story where he was woken up in the early hours of the morning by an upset customer because their order was not right. And he was upset by that. Which goes to show you how invested Chip and Joanna are and how much they both care about their businesses and their customers.But now, to the point. If you own a business selling products online, then you are open for business 24/7 whether you are physically there or not. Let’s hope you’re not.


Back a few years ago, an answering service was just a place to send your calls when you were busy or out of the office, but that is simply not the case any longer. Over the years our clients have challenged us to take on more types of service and we have risen to that challenge. I can remember when the local on-line gift basket company asked if we could be their 800-number backup support. We hadn’t ever done that before, but together with them, we made a plan, and from there we have added more customers who use Central Comm and their customer website support.


It’s important to put great visuals and descriptions of your products online, and for some people that is enough for them to feel comfortable purchasing your products off your website. There are others, though, who want to speak to a person. They may want more detail or they may want to customize their order.  Whatever the reason is, Central Comm can answer those calls for you.


The first step in setting up our service on line is to work together with you to establish the most often asked questions. Once we ascertain we have the correct answers to most of the more common questions, then we move on to the next. For this to happen, we will need to know more about your business.  If we are to handle calls effectively, we must be able to give your customer good information. If we can’t, then they will get frustrated and we don’t want to ever lose a customer.


Central Comm is also going to need a phone tree of who to contact for questions which are more complicated, and we will follow up to make certain your customer gets their questions answered.


Call us today, let’s have a chat and we can work out a plan to help you 24/7.


Central Comm




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