Are You Offering New Services?

anwering services for Attorneys, Doctors, property managers

At Central Comm, we do such a good job with our Award Winning Service that sometimes we think our customers forget about us. We hesitate to bother them when they are busy, and so every once in a while, if changes are made and we aren’t kept informed, we could be a little in the dark.

Central Comm is always up for the challenge of trying new services for our customers. The Answering Services that we offer today are so much greater than in the past. Our customers have asked us to be their Receptionist, they have asked us to provide the 800 number for their website, and to process their orders. They use us for Dispatch Services, and we answer their phones after hours.

As your clientele changes and evolves, it is good for us to know how YOUR business is changing. That way we can update the information that our operators see when one of your phone numbers appears on their screen. Are you offering new products and services? Let us know?

Have you widened your area of service? That would also be good for us to know. Would you like a more efficient way to track where your business is coming from, and which forms of advertising is working the best? We can set up custom 800 numbers that will help with that.

Give us a call just to check in and tell us what’s new with you. If you aren’t already one of our customers, call and see what we can offer to you and your business!

Central Comm

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