Are You Addicted To Your Smart Phone?

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Is it true that people are becoming addicted to their phones? I never would have thought it was possible a few years ago, but lately I have been noticing myself becoming one of those people who gets nervous when I am away from my phone for too long. Even if it’s late in the evening and I am not expecting anyone to call, I will check my news feed to see what’s going on. 

Since I noticed myself getting more dependent, I have gone out of my way to give myself phone free space. I know, it’ sounds ridiculous to have to regulate my time with a phone, but remember, our phones are so much more than what they were 10 years ago. They are literally computers which fit in our hands.

We use them  keep in touch with our friends, watch videos, check the news, text and oh yeah, make phone calls. That last one, make phone calls, happens the least often of all those on the list.

I even read that smart phone addiction now has a name. It’s been labeled as Nomophobia.  From the dictionary:

“noun. Nomophobia is defined as fear of being without your phone, a combination of the words no, mobile and phobia. An example of nomophobia is what someone feels when they travel internationally without a working cell phone. Not having our phone in hand at all times has become one of them. Cell phones, whether we like it or not, have become an addiction for some.”

You may be wondering why a company like Central Comm, who’s main service is answering phone calls, would post about phone addiction. We want people to use their phones to call businesses, attorneys, physicians, municipalities and others in order to be connected with goods and services they may need. What we don’t want, as people who have families and friends, is for our phones and tablets to become something that keeps people from interacting with each other.

It’s important we take the time to look up from our keyboards, put the phone away, stop trying to take the perfect photo, and just experience life.

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