Central Communications Lets You OUT of the Office !

Central Comm virtual receptionis lets' you get out of the office, Los Angeles

Central Comm virtual receptionist lets’ you get out of the office,nationwide !


Websites, Social Media, SEO Campaigns, all great tools to let people know about your business. Once potential customers find your site, then what do most of them do? They call.

Your had this great website built, you designed a comprehensive contact form, put your email address on the site, and still most of your prospective clients are going to want to talk to you before they make a business decision.

If you simply sit and wait for the phone to ring, that may work, but more often than not, just building your web presence isn’t enough. Getting out, meeting people, letting them put a face with the name, in the end that is often what helps as much as anything else you do. But what happens when the phone does ring and you aren’t there to answer it? Does is go to voicemail? Little hint, most people don’t like voicemail. So what should you do?

Hire us!! We will be your Virtual Receptionist. You tell us about your business, give us instructions as to what is on your schedule, keep in touch, and we will be a professional and pleasant voice answering your calls. So go ahead, get OUT OF THE OFFICE!! If you have a tablet, a laptop or a smart phone, we can find you and let you know who is looking for you, and what they need from you.

If we have access to your Calendar, then Central Comm  can set office appointments for you and notify you. Provide us with a script and Central Comm. can answer the everyday normal questions, and we do it in a warm, friendly yet professional manner.

At Central Communications we offer our services to Attorneys, Physicians, and Internet Based companies, call centers, order processing companies and we even become a dispatch center for larger tech and service based companies. Since 2013, many of new our newer clients are startups who are growing faster than they can hire people, so we take over their phone and we even take over the orders from their websites. We were Virtual Receptionists before anyone else ever heard that term!

Just last week one of our customers told us this:

“Normally, when my children are out of school for summer vacation, I take two weeks off for family vacation and spend the rest of the time in my office, taking appointments and doing business. But in the dog days of summer the calls are fewer, the days can drag on, and I feel bad that I don’t spend more time with my kids.

So I made a change. I know from experience that my Fridays are almost always slow this time of year. Instead of running to the office, I set up my laptop at home,   check my email, my messages and if it’s something I can handle remotely, I get it done there. Then I turn my phones over to you, keep my cell with me, and I do something with my kids for a few hours. “ Carole M.

So whether you need to be out in the field, making calls, attending network events, or if you would simply like to spend some time with your family, give us a call, we will set you up!