Answering Services for E-Commerce Companies

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You are an E-Commerce Company. Your sales are just beginning to take off. So far you have handled everything with just a small staff. But now you have to start tracking orders and delivery dates. You have to order more materials from your suppliers, you need to hire more staff. To keep everything going, you must also answer phone calls which come from your new, fancy website.

How are you going to do all that? And keep everything straight. One of the first things you can do is call Central Com. We can issue you an 800 number just for your company. If you already have an 800 number, we can answer those wonderful phone calls for you while you go hire a few more people who hopefully will fit right in to your corporate culture.

Call us, spend a few hours with our top notch team, and we will work out the type of service you need. You can start small, we can give you just the right amount for now with the option to add more later, and you are done. If you would like us to provide a higher level of service, we can chat about that as well.

We have operators on duty here in Riverside and in our office in Henderson, 24 hours a day seven days a week. The phone rings, your information pops up on the screen, and we take care of answering standard questions, submitting orders, and our software keeps track of all these things for you.

For a retailer to be successful, business must focus on providing the best product. Managing the acquisition of products from manufacturers and suppliers, organizing your store-front to amplify sales, and marketing your business to attract new customers must take precedence. Let Central Communications handle the day-to-day support.

Call Center Agents can take orders on the phone or online, provide help desk or website support, offer catalog and product information, handle subscription renewals and more.


Central Comm  at your service!

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