Answering Services and Call Centers in the Cloud Era – Part 2

continued from: Answering Services and Call Centers in the Cloud Era – Pt 1

A friend of mine recently asked me if I thought laptop, and desktop, computers would soon be replaced by tablets and pads. A quick survey of the devices in use at the local Starbucks indicates this is already beginning to happen.  How does that impact the call center and answering service business, you ask? That is a great question.

For your call center, it means with proper planning, permissions, and access, we can seamlessly do more business for you than ever. We are now able to take orders for products, and interface directly with your cloud based order entry application.  You will be able to monitor order activity from your tablet in any Starbucks in the land.   The end result can be a faster, easier, and better experience for your customer.

Our award winning operators are well trained, and “cloud” savvy. If your firm is cloud enabled, our “Internet connected” agents are now able to move the ball much farther down the field for you then ever before.  Please give Central Communications a call today. Ask us about our industry leading 30 day free trial.*  This no obligation trial is a great way to discover how we can advance the ball for your company.

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