Answering Services and Call Centers in the Cloud Era – Part 1

In a recent post, we discussed moving your business computing to “The Cloud.” It seems I am not the only blogger focusing on this emerging concept.

In fact, I found several articles recently about the inevitable transition from the use of clunky desktop and laptop devices, to accessing the cloud via ever more capable mobile devices.

To review, the ethereal sounding expression “cloud” computing simply refers to a scenario where your software applications and data, reside on servers somewhere other than your own location.  Much like your website is probably hosted on hardware maintained elsewhere; your business software can be hosted remotely as well.

Because in a cloud environment, your data is processed and stored on your dedicated space on these remote server platforms, your computing devices no longer need huge hard drives, memory sticks, DVDs, or CDs on which to store programs and data. A handheld mobile device with an Internet connection will now do just fine.

to be continued…

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