Answering Service Success

Answering Service USAAt Central Comm, we take excellent service in stride. It’s simply what we expect from ourselves.

So sometimes, when a customer goes out of their way to say “thanks”, we are just a little bit surprised. Happy, grateful, but surprised none the less.

Just the other day a customer of ours called to tell us that a customer of theirs, (who doesn’t know that we answer his phones), was very impressed with the level of service he received from their “receptionist.”

Our customer was out of the office taking a series of meetings. He informed us of his schedule ahead of time, so we knew that he would only be available at certain times of the day, between meetings. We took a call from one of his customers who urgently needed to speak with him personally. According to our customer, all calls were to be held, but if there was an urgent situation, we could go ahead and text him.

We did our best to keep his customer calm and reassured. Then we texted him, let his customer know that we had established contact, and when he could expect a call. They were able to connect, get the urgent situation handled, and everyone went away happy.

No one here thought anything more of it, until our customer called to thank us. It’s nice to get those calls. To all of our customers we say, you’re welcome!!

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