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This post should be called, Setting the Record Straight. As we are out networking and selling our services, sometimes we get comments that just make us shake our heads. There are three that stand out because they are the ones we hear most often, and they are all misconceptions which we hope to clear up in this post.


Myth 1: Call center agents aren’t as concerned about customer service

Nothing could be further from the truth. How many of us could stay in business if this were actually how we operate? Our operators are well trained, we regularly run programs which grade them on their performance, and we help them get better at areas they might need a little help with. They know that without their excellent work, there would be no company. The staff here at Central Communications are proud to be a part of our organization, and they are also proud of the companies they answer calls and take orders for.


Myth 2: No one uses the phone anymore

We’ve heard it all before, web and mobile are going to overtake phone for customer service. I don’t know if you’ve tried to contact customer service via these avenues lately, but I can tell you on a personal level, the phone is absolutely integral to customer service, and the overall customer experience. Statistically speaking, 57% of customers choose to use the phone when they are working to resolve an issue, 75% think calling is the most effective way of getting a quick response, and 46% of customers prefer to talk to customer service on the phone about complicated issues. There’s no doubt that the telephone is still the number one channel for customers to connect with you.


Myth 3: Answering services can cause security risks and decreased productivity

A common misconception of using an answering service is that it creates a threat to private information. Central Communications has protocols and security tools that ensure a higher level of security than is typically available to most companies. Security measures such as intrusion detection, call recording storage, historical log files and PCI compliance audits are often included. In fact, it’s much easier to lock down computers in a virtual environment at a comparatively low cost.

Give us a call, and we can talk with you about any questions or qualms you may have. I believe you will come away pleasantly surprised with what Central Communications can offer to you and your company.


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