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What is the difference between a full service Answering Service like Central Communications and some of the Virtual Receptionist firms? One difference is we answer your calls in the morning, in the evening, during the day and on weekends and most firms that call themselves virtual receptionists only answer phones during business hours.


Central Comm has it’s roots in overflow and after hours answering services. This company was founded by a family who recognized the needs of local Physicians and Attorneys to have a person answer their phone calls, no matter what time of day or night. Central Comm ALWAYS has operators on duty. Be it raining, storming, or a sunshiny day, we are here. We have generators ready to go should there be power outages. Come good weather or bad, we will answer your phones.


Virtual Receptionist Services-

Most professional services organizations don’t need the services of a receptionist past 6:00 pm, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want their phones answered.  We don’t have the limitation on services that most Virtual Receptionist companies do. So, by day we can be your receptionist, and by night, we can be your answering service should you have an on-line store, we can be your 800-number support and order takers as well.


Warm, yet professional –

Everyone who calls your company wants to feel like the person who picked up the phone is happy they called. So, we do our level best to be warm, yet professional. Customers need to feel they are valued by the company they call, and we work hard to teach our people to do just that.


No Unanswered Calls –

Day or night, calls will be answered. If they are emergencies, we can direct those calls to whomever you designate to handle those situations. If someone simply needs directions to the office, we can take care of that ourselves.


Appointment Setting-

If you give us access to your schedule, and your permission, we can even set appointments for your people within your company and we can also  dispatch service people.


It only takes a few moments to call and ask some questions, pick up the phone, Toll Free: (800) 876-7707 for our Riverside Office, or call Toll Free: (800) 758-4633 for our Henderson office.


Central Comm

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