Answering Phone Calls for E-Commerce

800 number support for e-commerce, e-commerce support for web marketing and sales

Did you know that we offer E-Commerce site support? If you sell products over the Internet, and you have an eCommerce website ask us about our E-Commerce support.

Perhaps you don’t yet have an E-commerce site, but you have products you need or want to sell, well then, you are going to need a site that not only allows consumers to browse your products, but that entices them to purchase.

Not having a full-fledged site where people can learn about your products and your business is something people will be put off by. In this digital age, the saying is, if you don’t have a website, then you’re not really in business.

Most of what needs to happen on the website will be built in by your website developer. There will be pages set up which allow you to upload product photos and descriptions, pricing and sizes.

But there will always be someone who has questions about your products or services, and they want to talk to a person. That’s where we can keep things moving along for you. As long as we have access to the information, then our operators can answer most questions for your web customers, and if we get hit with a question no one has ever asked before, we can forward the call to you.

At Central Comm we have helped all types of businesses to become successful by working as their 800 number. From casket companies, to gift baskets, we can help.


Central Comm

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