Acting Like a Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist for your company

Central Communications has long been one of the best answering services in the United States. These days we are quickly becoming one of the best Virtual Receptionist services as well.

What’s the difference between the two? Well, when we started out as an answering service, it was only our “job” to answer phones in off hours for mainly attorneys and physicians. Most often when a caller asked questions the only information we could offer that caller was to tell them when Office hours were, to offer to take a message, and perhaps page the attorney or physician in the case of an emergency.

As a virtual receptionist we act as though we are sitting at a big, fancy desk in your big fancy front lobby. We answer the phone line with your specific greeting. Information shows up on our screens with phone extensions and contact information for your staff and we put calls through to your people or follow whatever protocol you develop with us for handling incoming calls. We have a FAQ’S information form on file so we are able to  answer basic questions. As we have said before, the better the information is that we receive from you, the better the job we can do!!

As a blogger for Central Comm, I went out in search of ideas for this week’s blog. I used the keywords receptionist blog, and boy was I in for a surprise. Apparently there are some very angry and frustrated receptionists in this world. The only ideas I came away with is that these men and women were NOT happy.  I am certain some of it has to do with the lack of status and respect they get at some companies. I believe if more employers truly understood and accepted that your company is only as strong as the people who are on the front lines, that they would more highly value the receptionist’s role.

Here at Central Comm., our people are wearing a number of different hats, they are not “just receptionists”, and we let them know they are important. Important to Central Comm. and even more important to the companies we answer phones for. It is our hope that they understand this, and from the ratings we get, we are pretty certain that our people take pride in their work.

When someone takes pride in their work, when they feel appreciated, you can hear it in their voice. If your company is not in a situation that allows you to hire truly professional people who will not put their bad attitude towards their job out over your phone lines, I think you should hire us instead.

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