Achieving Work/Life Balance


Central Comm canhelp, asnwer phone calls, relieve your of stress, central communications answering your phonesAchieving Work / Life Balance. Is there really such a thing?  Americans are notorious for their lack of work/life balance. Too many of us work through lunch, stay late and don’t take our allotted vacation time. But that is changing.

Some companies have attempted to offset our workaholic culture by embedding leisure type activities right into the corporate environment. While this does give their employees a break, it also entices them to spend more of their waking hours at work. I am not certain this is better.

For most of us, spending more of our time focusing on things outside of work is really a better answer. There are numerous studies which show that working ourselves to the bone is not only destructive to our family lives, it’s also detrimental to our physical and mental health.

So, what can we do? There are several schools of thought on the subject. One article I read talked about a scientist who led her people to become some of the most productive in their field. She emphasized giving full attention and complete focus during actual working hours, but she also made sure to encourage people to leave at the end of regular working hours.

Another person told of his particular brand of work/life balance was to focus intently on a particular project, sometimes for weeks at a time, not taking time to do much else. But, when the project was complete, he took time off to hike, take vacations, spend quality time with friends and loved ones.

Spend some time looking at your own life and find where you can tweak things to get a better work/life balance for you. We all need to work. For most of us work is where we get our sense of purpose. Of course the financial aspect is also important, but there has to be some room for other things.

I think that is where the services we offer at Central Comm can help. We are able to be your front line if defense. Helping you avoid calls that will take time away from the tasks which will ultimately make your business more successful. Allowing you to have time to prepare for important phone calls and meetings.

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