Above and Beyond Service

Central Comm, call center, national call center, virtual receptionist, answering serviceCentral Communications, Riverside, has been answering phones, dispatching service people, and now serving as Receptionists for companies all of the West for over 50 years now. We recently merged an answering service from Nevada into the fold. Together we take care of more calls a day than we care to count.

We have always been proud of our award winning service, and we know it is our people on the font line who make this happen. Sometimes a customer of ours actually takes the time to thank us for our great service, but most of the time, they simply expect that we will take excellent care of their customers for them, and we do.

Last month we got a call from one of our long time Internet clients, we support his 800 number, and he gave us a warm thank you for one of our operators who was extremely patient with an angry client who’s order had been mixed up.

Our operator was patient, she took down all the information, and was even able to determine the mix up was on the client who submitted the order, when she mistakenly switched a digit on the item number.

We didn’t expect a thank you, but we were happy to receive it.

You are welcome..

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