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entral comm salesforce, crm software, answering phones for you in California, answering phones for you in NevadaAt Central Comm, here on this blog, we frequently offer advice on how to handle incoming calls. We do not usually offer advice on what to do after the calls come in.¬† But we would like, just this once, to share with you something we have learned in our own business. It doesn’t matter how well you answer phone calls, if you don’t follow up, you won’t get the business.


Keeping track of all the incoming calls and the follow up required to turn those calls into long term customer relationships can become overwhelming for a growing business. That’s where software packages, called CRM’s come into play. They allow your people to track incoming calls, to schedule followups, and much more.

Another benefit of a CRM is the ability to see the interaction between potential cliens and your sales team. How long does it take to close the sale, what is the return on investment for your marketing program and what parts of your overall marketing campaign actually help your sales team to close business.

Your company can use marketing tools¬† within some CRM’s which will free up your staff by autmoatically sending out email blasts and social media posts. Yes, someone will need to set them up initially, but from that point on you can run a campaign from your CRM software at regular intervals and not have to worry about thaking the time to do this manually.

Perhaps it’s time for the management staff at your company to look into a sales Management tool like a CRM.

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