A Thank You From a Grateful Customer

customer thanks central comm's quick thinking, Answering service orange county

A  client emailed one of our managers and said:

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help.  We’d be in big trouble without you.”

Sometimes life just throws us curve balls. When it does, it’s not the curve ball that defines us, rather it’s how we handle the situation.

We have a client who uses our answering service for overflow calls when things get busy, and for after hours. This client recently had a crisis, a curve ball, caused by a glitch in their billing system several months back. The billing error caused a huge spike in their call volume because upset and confused customers were calling in after receiving their erroneous bill.

Instead of  becoming overwhelmed by the sheer volume of frustrated callers, they took a deep breath, thought for a moment, and  called us. We stepped up to the plate for them. They asked us to inform their clients of the problem, what steps they were taking to rectify the situation, and that everything would be put to rights.


While our client was actively working to resolve the glitch, their customers were able to speak with our live phone agents, a much more personalized experience compared to a voicemail system. I can’t imagine how the situation would have escalated if their clients weren’t able to speak to someone, and our customer was so busy answering phone calls they were unable to quickly resolve the situation.

You’re so welcome!

Central Comm

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