5 Tips for Good Customer Service

At Central Communications we have been in the customer service industry for a long time. For us there is NOTHING more important than customer service. Unlike some businesses we have TWO sets of customers to keep happy. Our customers and their customers, so you might say it’s doubly important for us to have good customer service. In fact at Central Communications we don’t just strive for good customer service, we go the extra mile to give EXCELLENT customer service.MP900385974

Hot do we do that?


Our Virtual Receptionists, Order Fullfilment people, Answering Service reps and Dispatchers are all equipped with the latest in technology. We ask our customers for the questions that their customers frequently ask, and we record the answers for our operators to see whenever they pick up your line. Being able to give people answers saves on frustration.

Handle Complaints with care:

An unhappy customer calls in, when they don’t get good service, that complaing doesn’t stop there. They tell other business owners, they tell their families, they go out on Facebook, Twitter and Google + , Yelp and other review sites and they complain. So if you can effectively handle complaints and turn them around, those same people will say nice things about you instead.

If you make a mistake, fix it.

Customers will get angry when you make a mistake, that’s a given. But most people will forgive you if you do your best to remedy the situation. The worst thing you can do is to be defensive about a mistake. Even if it’s not totally your fault, apologize and correct!!

Fire Bad Customers

Bad customers, every business gets them, and they poison your whole attitude. You get anxiety trying to keep someone happy who is never going to be happy. I am not talking about someone who is normally a good client and may be going through a rough patch, I am talking about those people who will make you jump through hoops at every turn, and not matter how hard you try, they still aren’t satisfied. Let them go.