How The Live Chat Feature Can Help Your Business

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Customer service is the backbone of any business. But what is really coming to the forefront of customer support is live chat with trained agents. It is the best communication platform to offer a real-time prompt response to the customers. It has the highest satisfaction level (73%) more than email (61%) and phone(44%).

Not just customer satisfaction but it improves customer retention. Over 63% of consumers reported that they are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

Why are customers so excited to simply jump in a chat screen and get answers fast?  Live chat is convenient for customers for several reasons:

A). It connects them instantly with an agent. There are no hiccups. No need to dial a number and press several buttons before you can talk to an agent.  No one enjoys being funneled through an endless navigation menu, press 1, press 2, etc.

B). Live chat allows customers to multi-task. This is perhaps the biggest benefit. Over 51% of customers like live chat because it allows them to multitask. Even if they have to wait for a few minutes, they can continue with what they are doing instead of staring at the screen.

C). The wait time is negligible. Since they can multi-task, therefore, even they have to wait for a few good minutes, they don’t mind.

D). The conversation can be saved. It’s easier to guide a user through text instead of voice. Links can be shared easily through live chat.  You have a convenient record of all of your questions and answers to refer back to at any time.

E). The customer queries are answered instantly. An email, on the other hand, has to be replied several times before the issue is resolved and it might take a few days in the process.

F). Customers can have their purchase-related queries answered right on time. According to a study, 44% of consumers said that having the ability to talk to an agent in the middle of an online purchase is the best thing ever.


If your goal is to offer great customer service and to build strong customer support, then live chat is the best option. There are many other benefits of live chat software in customer service and other processes of the business. Implement this live chat feature as per your business requirements and boosts sales and revenue.


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