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There are some who say the US job market has made a  rebound. They say every one who needs a job pretty much has one, unemployment is down. Tell that to some of the people who are still looking for that dream job.

The truth is plenty of people now have jobs, in fact, many of them have several jobs. It can be a tough time to find just the right position at a salary that will allow you to be financially independent.

There are options you can look at which may take you out of your comfort zone, but that could be just where you need to go. If there’s no work for you in your chosen career field where you currently reside, have you thought about checking out careers in other parts of the country? Forbes put out a list of companies who are looking for employees in various metro areas throughout the US.

Take a look at these and see if there’s a city you might be interested in moving to, and don’t forget, Central Comm is always on the lookout for good people in the Riverside, CA and Henderson, NV areas!!



The post did not iclude  descriptions for the types of positions each company is hiring for, but I bet a trip to their respective websites will give you more information. Even if the openings a particular company is advertising don’t fit your career choice, many times when one company is hiring in an area, that means it’s generating money and ancillary jobs. When hiring picks up in a large corporation, it will stimulate real estate sales, the community will need more support personnel as it grows, there will be more children to school and clothe. Take a chance and have a look at what other companies are hiring in these cities.


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