Central Communications Takes Your Orders

Multiple-Operators-200x300Central communications is one of  the best options for any and all businesses because of our committed work force and location.

Throughout Orange County and the entire United States,  we give you the best quality service and take pride in our work. With most other answering services, there can be messages that  fall through the cracks, workers that aren’t motivated and other factors that lead to the customer’s suffering but we here at Central Communications believe that the customer always comes first.

Not only do we take your calls, we can also take your orders. In Orange County, we serve as the order fulfilment for companies that sell Gift Baskets and other products that customers order through various websites. We are fully trained by our Orange County customers in their product line so that we can intelligently answer any questions that their customers may have.

We have several representatives that work around the clock, taking down and sending out messages, marking down appointments and sending them to you in a neat and organized package.

If you are in thAnswering Service USAe area of Orange County and need our services, give us a call. We might be just what you are looking for.